More than Travel insurance

At Ginger, we provide custom-tailored international travel insurance for Hi-Tech companies and employees in Israel and abroad. We understand that the needs of Hi-Tech companies and employees are different, and we therefore offer unique services for handling business and personal trips, including combination trips, in a ONE STOP SHOP.

Wherever we choose to fly in the world, it’s crucial that we feel safe. And to feel safe, it’s not enough to simply have insurance. We need something that’s accessible every step of the way – before, during and after the trip. We need someone with the know-how to provide an umbrella of quick, comprehensive and innovative solutions, custom-tailored to unique and evolving needs, in terms of technology and insurance.

We underscore the issue of insurance and other auxiliary services such as legal counsel and handling of claims for compensation due to cancelled and delayed flights, injury or illness, luggage holdups or loss, expanded coverage and more. 

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